Intakt is a collaborative contemporary dance company between Lise Damsgård, Sofie Westvik and Mathilde Caeyers; three dancers from Tromsø, Norway who started their training together as teenagers. After separating to attend three different dance schools, we have been reunited to collaborate on new, exciting creative projects. 

Intakt was established in 2018 in Tromsø, a vibrant city in the North of Norway. The company  wishes to focus on its connection to the north, and contribute to its dynamic and exciting cultural life.

The ensemble consists of three dancers who started their training together at Tromsø Kulturskole and Kongsbakken Vgs. They later attended a one year dance intensive at Trøndertun, before separating to achieve three different Bachelor Degrees in Dance.

The company is a platform to collaborate with each other as both performers and choreographers, developing contemporary dance, while growing as artist.

Mathilde Caeyers graduated from the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts with a Bachelor Honours Degree in Dance. As a dancer, she is trained in a broad variety of dance techniques, as well as singing, acting, and aerial silks.


She recently moved to Tromsø, where she is part of the mentorship programme UREDD: a programme mentoring 10 young artist in the North of Norway.


She is currently working as the main choreographer and producer of the company's first project Eksogen. 

Sofie Westvik graduated from The Norwegian College of Dance with a Bachelor Degree in contemporary dance and pedagogy. She began her training early at Tromsø Kulturskole and has a background in a variety of different contemporary styles as well as jazz and ballet.


She is currently freelancing in Oslo, mainly as a co-creative dancer in different productions. Westvik has also choreographed her own piece VÅTT-I-VÅTT in collaboration with Intakt member Lise Damsgård. In addition to being a dancer she works as a dance teacher and model.

Lise Damsgard graduated from London Studio Centre with a 1st class Bachelor Honours Degree in Theater Dance, Contemporary. During education Lise was a member of Intoto Dance Company under the direction of Sue Booker.


As a dancer she is trained in a variety of contemporary techniques as well as other disciplines: classical ballet, jazz/commercial and hiphop. Lise has also a broad background in martial arts, Taekwon-do, where she has achieved a 1.Dan degree/Black belt.

Damsgard is freelancing in Oslo where she has been active in different projects. 


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