is the company's debut performance produced and choreographed by company member Mathilde Caeyers. Eksogen aims to explore whether there is a potential for violence in each individual human body through the philosophical lense of psychologist Carl Jung. It delves into the process of realising the shadow that is welded into our deep unconscious mind and evolves around Jung's quote: that which we do not bring to consciousness appears in our lives as fate - C.G. Jung


Choreographer Mathilde Caeyers (with dancers) Dancers Mathilde Caeyers, Lise Damsgård and Sofie Westvik Executive producer Linda Birkedal/Dansearena nord Set design Peder Unger Weierholt and Mathilde Caeyers Technician Peder Unger Weierholt Lighting designer Nicolas Horne Mentor Jenny Svensson/Uredd talentprogram. Supported/funded by The Norwegian Arts Council, Tromso Municipally, Fnnd, Tvibitstigen, Dansearena nord and Waldorf School Tromso. 

"... here are open investigations into the self, or humanity's inherent ability to be evil and violent. It is dance artist Mathilde Caeyers who stands behind this work, and it is this project with the title Eksogen that seized me the most. It is art that forces us to meet our shadows, that does not let us understand, but maybe suspect. That leads us to new ways of thinking without ascertaining; I think we need more of this. Both as humans and as society." - Nordlys review of work in progress showing @Vårscenefest 2019 by Anki Gerhardsen, freelance journalist.


Work in progress solo exerpt from EKSOGEN with Uredd @Vårscenefest

Tromso Kunstforening Apr 30th, 2019

Work in progress showing of EKSOGEN @FNND's Anniversary Festival

Rådstua Teaterhus, Tromsø Aug 10th, 2019

Premiere of EKSOGEN @Kulturhuset i Tromsø

Lillescenen Aug 31, 2019 – Sept 01, 2019

EKSOGEN @Platform Nord, Kristiansand

Teateret Kristiansand Oct 09, 2019

EKSOGEN @Dissisanse Festival, Ajaccio/Corsica

Aghja d'Ajaccio theatre Dec 07, 2019